Artworks That Challenge the Senses and Imagination

At Sjart, you can find mysterious yet seemingly familiar pieces of art that will present you a wealth of information and possible meanings that are meant to be discovered and explored. They are not only stunning artworks created to please the viewers. More importantly, they are designed to convey a message and provoke critical thinking.

Every mixed media painting and photographic print I create is inspired by the images and symbols from our rich human experiences, from prehistory to the present day. The method I use when making them is close to Zen meditation, which involves a thoughtful, slow-moving process. Anyone who is interested in modernist paintings and photographs is sure to appreciate the art pieces in my online gallery.


Mission Statement

I aim to share my passion for art with people all around the world and create a positive influence through my works.

My Story

My entire life has been dedicated to enhancing my skills and creating an impact on the world as an artist. I wanted to expand my influence globally, particularly in Southwest Florida. However, I didn’t have much opportunity to do so. In 1992, I established Sjart as an avenue for me to feature my artworks online. By leveraging the Internet, I believe I can reach and inspire more people.

Unique and Socially Relevant Works of Art

I take pride in creating personalized art pieces that contain messages about religion, science, politics, and pop culture. As an individual who has been in the art scene my whole life, I have acquired a broad knowledge base regarding processes in painting and photography. Through my experience, I have learned how to effectively incorporate the content you wish to convey to the viewers into your work.

When a customer orders a painting or photographic print, I make sure that it is finished on time and delivered within the deadline. I take responsibility for what I say I will do, and I stand behind the quality of my work. Additionally, Sjart is an insured business, which is why you can be confident that you are well-protected when you purchase artwork from me.


Digital Art