Emphasizing process and content, my work consists of a widely varied layering of media. Decorative and decadent, humorous and serious, I combine images and symbols from our rich human experience, from pre-history to present day. Religion, science, politics and pop culture are all given equal importance. I like to think of this method as creating an image poem.

Mysterious and familiar, the work confronts the viewer with a wealth of information meant to be explored over time. Presented with many alternatives and possible meanings, the viewer is thus allowed to make their own discoveries.

This has been my goal for many years at SJART.US, original mixed media painting that challenges the senses and imagination and that is reasonably priced. Recently I have added photographic prints to the offerings on my site. I sincerely hope that you enjoy browsing my shop where you will find quality art pieces that can be securely shipped to your residence or business.